NYOP Merchant is the only merchant services company that lets you
Name Your Own Price for your Merchant Account.
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Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

NYOP Merchant has formed a strategic membership with the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (THCC) to offer its members the famous Name Your Own Price merchant account.  The THCC vision is to be the gateway to business success and economic advancement for its members. The core values are Diversity, Success, and Leadership, which have made the THCC one of the fastest growing chambers in Arizona. 

The THCC provides up to date information on how to succeed in the diverse region of the southwest. From offering languages class which focusing on Spanish/English business terminology, to assisting members secure business loans and grants, the THCC plays a key role in the success of local businesses.

We at NYOP Merchant are proud to be a part of this wonderful organization and are committed to arming ourselves with the tools to help you and your business grow. The THCC and NYOP Merchant are committed to helping businesses succeed by focusing on the unique needs of THCC Members.

To speak with the NYOP THCC Team directly call 866-546-2687 ext. 585.
The NYOP THCC Team can also be reached by email at thcc@nyopmerchant.com

click here to visit the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce site

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