NYOP Merchant is the only merchant services company that lets you
Name Your Own Price for your Merchant Account.
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Arizona Restaurant Association and NYOPMerchant                                          

Strategic Membership

NYOP Merchant has formed a strategic membership with the Arizona Restaurant Association (ARA) to offer its members the famous Name Your Own Price merchant account.  The ARA is dedicated to providing Arizona restaurateurs with the latest trends, management techniques, and regulations.  The ARA is committed to helping Arizona Restaurants succeed by focusing on the unique needs of their members.

NYOP Restaurant Team

NYOP Merchant realizes that restaurant merchant accounts are not like most retail merchant accounts.  For this reason, we have a special team dedicated to serving the unique needs and wants of restaurant industry.   We can accommodate all shapes and sizes of restaurants from the independently owned and operated, to franchises, as well as large national companies.

To speak with the NYOP Restaurant Team directly call 866-546-2687 ext. 580. 
The NYOP Restaurant Team can also be reached by email at restaurant@nyopmerchant.com

click here to visit the ARA site

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