NYOP Merchant is the only merchant services company that lets you
Name Your Own Price for your Merchant Account.
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NYOP Merchant Affiliates

In addition to providing business owners with the best value when it comes to their credit card processing, NYOP Merchant is also committed to having a positive impact on the community.  By partnering up with associations and trade organizations, NYOP can offer additional discounts to members.  Members will also benefit from a dedicated team to assist with any support or service needs.

NYOP Cares is a philanthropic program that is designed to increase charitable donations to non-profit organizations.  Charitable donations decrease drastically in tough economic times, but the monetary needs of the non-profit still exist.  Non-profit organizations that participate in the NYOP Cares program receive a portion of the merchant account proceeds for every business within the organization that processes with NYOP Merchant.

The NYOP Merchant Affiliate Partners Program is an opportunity for people looking to earn additional money.  By simply referring businesses to NYOP Merchant, Affiliate Partners can create a passive, residual income stream.  You can make money by helping businesses save money!

Affiliate Benefits

  • Added equipment and processing discounts for Affiliates
  • Affiliates have a dedicated team for support and service
  • Charitable donations through the NYOP Cares Program
  • Income opportunities through our Affiliate Partners Program

Click Here to Join the Affiliate Program

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